Leave Your Bed Bugs to Pest Control Service

Leave Your Bed Bugs to Pest Control Service

Signs That You Need to Hire a Bed Bug Control Service

Whether in your home or hotel, bed bugs are a terrifying and unwanted guest. All beds are at risk, particularly those accommodation places with a large number of international travelers, or if you are yourself a frequent traveler. Bed bug control is very challenging due to its genetic resistance to pesticides, and unlike treatment for other pests.

So, here are the proofs that you need to hire a bed bug control experts.

Sense of Smell

Use your sense of smell to know if inside your room there are bed bugs. Smelling like a dirty locker room in your bedroom? Another common symptom of a bed bug is a strong, unpleasant, musty smell like that of a wet towel. Bed bugs release pheromones, and the smell can be quite strong if it is in large numbers.

Your Bed

Usually, bed bugs are living on your bed. They will leave behind blood stains that resemble small rust spots after bed bugs feed on humans. Usually, these are found near the bed’s corners and edges. Bed bugs also shed their skin, or molt, several times as they mature, so during your search if you can find their oval brown exoskeletons.

Sleepless Nights

Bed bugs are most frequently found in bed, where people spend most of their nights. It makes logical sense to be most active in bed bugs at night while people are in bed with them. If you find yourself developing the itchy welts while sleeping in bed or trying to sleep, the problem is probably bed bugs.

Red Spot and Itchy Bites

Aside from uncomfortable nights, if there are red spot and itchy bites, check your body after you wake up. That means that there are bugs in your bed. Bed bugs can also leave their bites in straight rows and while they do not spread diseases to humans, their bites are quite irritating and scratching them can lead to bleeding and infection. People often do not consider bed bug control service, until they leave their mark.

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